PetsLovers Premium Pet Seat Belt (22-37in - Large Pets)

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  • CAR SEAT BELT SAVES LIVES! All families like to travel with their dogs / cats in a car, either on long vacations or just a short trip to the supermarket. Pet parents always want to ensure safety but comfort for their furry kids. PetsLovers Seat Belt© is specifically designed to serve this need.
  • SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURIES: A PetsLovers Seat Belt© will keep your pets tethered to their seats, so that drivers won't be distracted. More than 5,000 car accidents due to pet interruption can be prevented (Source: RSPCA statistics). It can prevent your dog / cat from becoming airborne during accidents / sudden braking. Moreover, it will also prevent the furry friends from jumping/failling out of car windows.
  • COMFORT DURING TRIP: PetsLovers Seat Belt© uses a swivel clip, so that your best friends can easily spin around in their seats. It also has adjustable length (22-37 inch / 55-94 cm), so that you can choose the most suitable space to fit their needs.
  • A RELIABLE AND BUILT-TO-LAST PET SEATBELT: PetsLovers Seat Belt© uses premium nylon webbing with an advanced stitching technique. It is also equipped with heavy duty metal clips and reflective strips. You can rely on it for its durability and its ease of use.
  • BETTER THAN CASH BACK GUARANTEE: PetsLovers Seatbelt© is designed to bring more peaceful and enjoyable moments for pet parents to travel with their furry childrens. If the seat belt does not work for your car for any reason, you can contact the manufacturer and you will get a 100% refund. You are free to decide to return the seat belt or to give it to a friend/family member who has a compatible car.

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