FREE Gifts For Your Dog

We have a special gift for your dog. Please have your dog next to you and play the below therapy music. It will create a relaxing moment for both you and your dog. It is a great experience to do a meditation session with your dog :) Try it and share with us what you experienced.


  • There will be high pitched noise through the song. It is designed to "hold your dog's attention to the music". "The sound sweep works the same as a dog whistle".
  • Many dog owners can see that their dogs start to relax after 10 minutes. Even the dog owners will feel relaxed as well ;)
  • The copyright of this music belongs to Relax My Dog


Do you still want another FREE gift for your dog? :)

Yes, we indeed have another fun gift for your dog. Follow the below instruction:

  • Step 1: Order a PetsLovers product (If you already owned a PetsLovers product, please go to next step).
  • Step 2: Use your mobile phone to take a photo of your dog using a PetsLovers product.
  • Step 3: Go to and share that photo on our page.
  • Step 4: Win a $5 Amazon Giftcard to buy a new toy for your dog. (winner will be randomly picked every month, so you always have the chance :) )

Finally, when you participate in our Dog Photo Contest, you will have a chance to win $20 Amazon Giftcard :D

Let's have a lot of fun with our furry friends.

PetsLovers Team