Pets Lovers Club Heavy Duty Dog Leashes for for Medium and Large Dogs - Comfortable Padded Grip to Hold Strong Dogs - Reflective Lines for Safe Night Walks - 6 Feet Long by 1 Inch Wide

Pets Lovers Club

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  • FOR WALKING DOGS WHO LIKE TO PULL: When your 60lb Labrador walks you like you need resistance band training, this leash can hold up. Other nylon leashes can give you rope burns and come apart. This double-layered leash can withstand full-on darting with 600 horsepower without leaving a mark on your hand due to its ingenious Padded Handle. When your dog wants to play with all living creatures and has the strength of a Toyota Tundra, this leash can help stop you from flying into oncoming traffic.
  • FOR TRAINING DOGS WHO LOVE TO CHEW: The regular nylon leash you were given when you adopted your shelter pup started to fray within seconds after only a few chomps by the dog while you were waiting at the vet. This Pets Lovers double-layered leash might not be indestructible - a really determined dog could chew through a giant Sequoia if he really wanted to - but it is much sturdier, being wider and twice as thick, without becoming overly stiff like a metal cable.
  • FOR WALKING DOGS WHO EASILY GET SCARED: your senior rescue dog is 65 lbs and strong. He gets scared easily during his walks and one time, the sound of a bus startled him and he jumped back so quick and hard, the regular leash that the shelter gave you broke. You got a metal leash immediately but that was so uncomfortable! This double-layered leash is lightweight and very strong! You would keep having to look back to make sure your dog is still attached because it's so light, you can't feel him!!
  • FOR HIKING WITH YOUR DOGS IN PARKS: you have a 10-month-old, 78lb German Shepherd and you want to take him on hikes. This 6ft leash gives him roaming space but secure. Plenty of length to smell stuff, roll in the stinky stuff, range from left to right in the park grass, and generally enjoy stretching your legs without worrying about the leashes "falling off". The leash is also very easy to spot at night due to its reflectivity and it also has an extra clip on it which holds your clip-on bags.
  • FOR MAKING YOUR FUR BABY LOOK SHARP: after feeling guilty about not buying anything new for your dog for quite a while, you decide to give him a present for his birthday. The new reflective leash arrives in a cute box. It is very exciting to check out the presents!! Your fur baby looks sharp with his new red leash attached to his red snowflake sweater. You post your puppy's new picture on his Instagram account and get a lot of compliments. Click on Add To Cart now so your dog can get his present.



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